Channel Partner training is something we, at XtraTrust, take pride in. It not only refers to the training of Channel Partners but preparing a mutual growth plan. It encompasses all kinds of uses like onboarding the resellers, certifying them for the specific category, educating them about the DSC market outlook and teaching them how to best market, sell, the DSCs & associated products/services and extend all possible support to the end user.

Since we know that the customers taking DSC mostly belong a sector which needs to be efficiently organised, we take extra in invoking that ‘sensitivity and care’ emotion among all our channel partners and direct them to cascade below.

It is a comprehensive and effective channel training process which is essential for the mutual success and its expansion into new markets and is a crucial factor in enhancing the customer experience.

This training is conducted by the domain experts who have vast knowledge about the process, market and customers. They help you in preparing a concrete action plan which would result into your business success. This is not a one-time activity but a regular one intended to make you a seasoned player in the DSC market.

Besides the short-term benefits (like, increased sales), this training will prepare you to approach customers and sell DSC or associated product/services in a way that fits our overall strategy and long-term vision.

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